About us
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1. Who are we?

A non-profit organization structured in accordance with New York State legislation as defined in paragraph (a) (5) of Section 102 [Statute pertaining to the Law for Nonprofit Organizations, State of New York founded since November 2002. We are also included in the United States Catholic Conference Group Exemption Ruling and listing in the Official Catholic Directory (“OCD”) Page 898 edition 2010.

2. What do we do?

Provide an intellectual, emotional and spiritual “home-in-transition” for the very large Hispanic population in the New York, New Jersey and parts of Connecticut area. We provide information for New York area Hispanics that focuses on human values. It addresses social, political, economic, cultural and educational issues.

3. How do we reach our goals?

We employ mass communications media: radio, written and electronic press, such as emails, television, travel, conferences, and seminars. In other words, we utilize all means of expression that facilitate public discussion.

4. Who is our target population?

Hispanic immigrants whom arrived into the United State in the past two or three decades and have become the nation’s largest minority group. According to the US Census of the year 2,000, the Hispanic population will soon constitute 13% of the country’s 281 million people. In the New York City metropolitan area there are approximately 4 million Hispanics.

Discovering the XXIst Century targets first generation immigrants and elderly people who live either alone, with loved ones, in hospitals or retirement homes. The program also targets families who have come to this country looking for a better way of living with dreams to accomplish. Most of these first generation immigrants carry on their customs and cultures and have not adapted to speaking English as a primary language, or don’t speak it at all.

5. What are we doing now?

We have several programs in process: a weekly radio program, which airs Mondays through Thursdays; a leadership institute featuring educational workshops; informative seminars on social & religious issues; and local & foreign pilgrimages and sightseeing trips.